Animation 101: An introductory to the basics of animation.

This class will share insight on the foundation and principals of animation without getting too caught up in technique, medium, or method. Like anything that takes time to master, getting tossed into the deep end can be overwhelming. This approach will eliminate (for now) any unnecessary jargon and reveal a much more appealing, approachable, and user friendly world of animation.

The first half of the class will deal with a simplified list of animation principals. Things like squash and stretch, anticipation, exaggeration, and timing. We will also briefly touch on the history of animation and its different mediums.

The second half of the class will be hands on, allowing you to take the knowledge from the first half of class and apply it to pencil and paper and/or clay!

We will wrap up our session with an overview of what we've covered, plus view sample videos and examples of how animation experts use the exact same principals you've learned in this class and masterfully blend and hide it within their own work.

Attendants will be required to download the free animation app, 'Osnap!' onto their smart phone. This will be necessary for the second half of our class. (contact me if you don't have a smart phone and I will try and work something out).

All other materials will be supplied and ready for you.

Teachers note: If everyone leaves this class with a fresh and approachable perspective on animation and keen(er) eye for detail - I will be a happy camper. : ]

I hope you're excited to journey through the wonderful world of animation!

Class date: Jun 4, 2019
Supplies included:
Supplies included
Supplies not included
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Skill level:
All skill levels
One time
Multiple days
Open studio
Cancellation policy: Full refund within 48 hours of purchase. Free to reschedule.
Class time: 2pm - 5pm (20 minute lunch break)
Lesson type:
Private lesson
Small group