Learn how to weld

2 hour welding lessons geared towards your specific wants and needs. Any age as long as minors are accompanied by an adult.
Everyone that takes my class will qualify for discounts on welders and welding equipment at Airgas Welding Supply.
Every time you take the class you will also be entered into a raffle to win a new Yes Welder welding helmet just like the one you will use in the class.

I offer 3 different welding processes to learn.

TIG welding for precise indoor steel or aluminum welding.

Flux cored wire feed welding for quick projects or repairs on steel indoors and outdoors.

MIG welding for all around steel fabrication. Probably the most common.

My shop is small and I have limited safety equipment. So 2 people max per class.

We will start by going over the equipment and protective gear you will be using. Then we start welding. You will learn a lot in 2 hours. At the end of the class you can take whatever you welded home. Or destroy it to test how strong your welds are. I will explain how to get discounts at Airgas and have you fill out a raffle ticket to enter to win a Yes Welder welding helmet.

Classes are on Saturday and Sunday 10am to 12pm. Other days and times are available to schedule. Anyone accompanying a student does not have to pay for a spot in the class.

Class date: Mar 8, 2020
Class date: Mar 14, 2020
Class date: Mar 15, 2020
Class date: Mar 7, 2020
Class date: Mar 21, 2020
Class date: Mar 22, 2020
Supplies included:
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Skill level:
All skill levels
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Cancellation policy: Please cancel 24 hours before class time to get full refund.
Class time: 10am to 12pm
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Private lesson
Small group