I learned how to weld when I was 14 in high school. I learned every process I could. When I was 17 I moved to Alaska for my first welding job repairing aluminum diesel tankers, water tankers, airplanes and boats. After I graduated high school I moved back to Oregon to run the shop for a development company in Salem and help weld and fabricate rally cars. After a couple of years I moved to Portland to work for Gunderson building rail cars. In the 8 years I worked for Gunderson I passed all of their welding tests to become a step 10 "A" welder, safety mentor and a team lead. I built and designed fixtures and safety devices. I also taught many men and woman how to weld while I was there. Most of them English was their second language. While I was at Gunderson I started doing commissioned fabrication and art which I turned in to my full time business, FORM, in November 2018.

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Adam about listing Learn how to weld 6 months ago.

Enjoying Andrew's class immensely. He knows when to shift gears if student is frustrated. Getting wins is important for student welders, but also being challenged on tougher tasks is important for growth. I'll take more classes with him, definitely.

Brent about listing Learn how to weld 12 months ago.

Excellent instruction! I’ll be back for more, after I feel like I’ve gotten more accomplished at what I learned today. Extra cool for letting me bring & learn on my machine, and super bonus cool for going well past the allotted time to make sure I got it right.

Tom about listing Learn how to weld 12 months ago.